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26 October 1979
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Who are you and what are you doing in that handbasket?

Basically and briefly, I'm a 36-year-old British female with a livejournal.

Somewhat less briefly...

I'm 36, female and I'm British. I used to live with my partner ebon_bear, but sadly he died in November of 2015. So now it's just me and my two cats. I'm also a part-time Creative Writing student; before that I briefly studied Law and Advice Work degree at university. Before that I was a mainly housebound lump at a computer, and before that I was a Film and Psychology student.

I suffer from severe clinical depression, anxiety, paranoia, OCD and PTSD, all of which have increased exponentially since my partner's death. Basically I'm a poor, sad, disabled, widowed orphan. As such sometimes I post about my mental health, and sometimes I post about how the current UK government is trying to kill off the disabled. I'm quite sickeningly liberal.

I'm a fan of cinema, particularly horror, sci-fi, cult and westerns (don't ask about the last one, I can't explain it either), and have been since I was about seven years old. I also write sporadically. Perhaps unsurprisingly, my preferred genres for writing are horror and the like.

Other stuff... I read just about anything I can get hold of (currently I'm reading Frank Moorhouse's Satanic Killers, Neil Gaman's American Gods and Anansi Boys, Max Brooks' Zombie Survival Guide and Bill Hicks' Love All the People). I'm also a comic book fan, although the standard appears to be dropping in many of them of late...

I write; sometimes sporadically, sometimes not so sporadically. More often than not I write in the horror and/or 'dark urban fantasy' genres (if the latter is actually a genre), and it's entirely possible that one day I might manage to finish something and decide that it's worth trying to get it published.

My two cats are Lily the giant ginger flump and Cracker the amazing pooping cat. I've had them for five years now - Lily is 12 and Cracker is 8. Both of them came from my local Cats' Protection; Lily needed rehoming because her owners were moving to the other side of the world and Lily wouldn't have been able to travel with them, while Cracker came from a house with 21 other cats and one very put-upon dog. My cats are the only things that keep me going some days, even if sometimes I do wish I'd gotten a quieter black cat who doesn't have IBS...

Finally, because it will no doubt come up somewhere, I'm a practicing Discordian witch and Servant of Bast following a Taoist philosophy. (And I have to invent an acronym for that; it's murder to type that all out every time). I operate on a 'live-and-let-live' principle here; ie. I have no problem with you if you have no problem with me. Otherwise, your right to wave your fist at me ends at the tip of my nose, or something like that.

I think that's it...

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